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Our Solutions for different Verticals
Below is the List of Solutions offered by us. Click on the Links below to view the Details of the Solution.
Gas Suppression Systems Fire Detection & Alarm System
Water Based Systems Tanking & LP Piping
Foam Systems    
Gas Suppression Systems
IG- 55 Argonite (Inert) Gas
CO2 Low Pressure & High Pressure
Novec 1230
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Water Based Systems
Hydrant System
MVWS Spray System
HVWS Spray System
Water Curtain System
Sprinkler System
Water Mist - Low Pressure & High Pressure System
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Foam Systems
Manual / Automatic System
Rim Seal Protection
Compressed Foam Skid
DCP Skid
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Fire Detection & Alarm System
Analogue Addressable Fire Detection & Alarm System
Conventional Fire Detection & Alarm System
Gas Detection & Alarm System
High Sensitivity Smoke Detection

UV & IR Detection (Solar Blind)

Linear Heat Sensors (Digital, Analogue, OFD & Microprocessor tube)
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Tanking & LP Piping
Fuel Oil Handling
Fuel Oil Pumping
Low Pressure Piping
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